Monday, February 25, 2008

Recently Read...

I no longer have to live in fear of people discussing Harry Potter! I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last week, and I think it was the best of the series.

I had meant to hold out for the paperback, as I did for the other six (they don't hurt you when you doze off and let go of the book - Hey, I'm a mom, I'm tired and I'm usually reading at the end of the evening when I'm even more tired). But spoilers kept creeping up on me and I was getting way too good at changing the channel on the TV or radio whenever I even heard the name Harry Potter uttered. So, I finally asked to borrow my mom-in-law's copy. Even that came at the price of an unintentional spoiler (I didn't take it well. I think I screamed "Shut Up!" at her - whoops, sorry!).

It took me about three weeks to get through the first half, reading at my normal rate of a couple chapters every few nights. Then I hit the half-way point and my reading pace picked up. I read the second half in a week, the last third in an evening (I would have finished it the night before, but even a dragon on a rampage through Gringott's couldn't keep my eyes open - see above). My house certainly showed the effects of that week of reading.

The final evening, I did almost nothing but read, stopping only to reluctantly eat dinner (good thing the hubby is the cook). My daughter complained, and I'm surprised she doesn't resent Harry Potter now, but she doesn't seem to. In fact, I caught her picking up the book a couple of the few times I actually put it down. It was odd to see a seven-year-old reading a book that thick. Unfortunately, she had usually chosen a spot ahead of where I was reading, which resulted in a panicked "Don't tell me ANYTHING you just read!"

The only problem with finishing Deathly Hallows is that now I have a big urge to go back and re-read the whole series from my new perspective. What clues were there, who do I see differently knowing how things turn out for them? And there's one character I'm intensely curious about - he was mentioned several times, but was he ever actually DESCRIBED until the last book when we found out who he really was? Were there clues to who he might be that flew right over my head? Hmmm....I scratched one book off my reading list, but put six back on. Oh, well...

Currently reading: Black Ships by Jo Graham - an Early Reviewers copy from LibraryThing.