Sunday, April 06, 2008



(4/13/08 Update - The "official" picture of Dan) ;-)

Every once in awhile, it does seem like I have a life! :) Friday, Dan won tickets to Saturday's Omaha Beef football game. The Beef are Omaha's indoor arena football team, and I've never been to a game even though it's something we've talked about doing (talked about as in one of us says "We should go to a Beef game some time" and the other one says "Yes, we should!" and the conversation ends there). So, Saturday night Dan, Ashley, our friend Sam, and I headed downtown. I think Ashley had the most fun. Before we ever got through the front door of the civic center, she'd been through two bounce houses, gotten a crown made of balloons and had her face painted. Once we got inside, we eventually made it to the Party Box, which is behind one end zone.

I've been curious about arena football, but never really understood the draw until last night. I mean, I know we don't have an NFL team, but we do have the Huskers nearby. How much football do you need, even in Nebraska? (No, I didn't just get struck by lightning). And in the cities where they do have NFL teams, why would you want to watch arena football?

I get it now. This is football in a pro-wrestling atmosphere, and it's FUN!. I think it was the most fun football game I've ever been to. There is practically nothing dividing the fans from the players - just a half wall with padding on top. Even in high school, there was usually a good yard or two between the stands and the field. Even "good" seats at a Husker game made me wish I had a telephoto lens. When we got to the Beef game and sat down, I was a little worried when I realized it was end zone/wall/me. The goalposts were IN the Party Box - we were sitting under them! It was a crazy party atmosphere - every time-out seemed to bring some new goofy event onto the field - boxing with giant gloves, grown men doing the Chicken Dance, the "Rump Roasters" doing some other goofy dances. At the end of the game, fans are allowed out on the field and get to talk to the players and get autographs.

Part of Dan's prize was to be the honorary coach for the mascot game at halftime. Basically, he just had to go out on the field and be interviewed about his contest entry for the Unofficial Mascot of 1620 The Zone (Hopefully, I can get him to blog about what exactly the contest was and what he said - his entry had something to do with The Stain). Then the mascots played a quick game of football, which was hilarious. We also each got t-shirts, and how cool is it that they say "More Cowbell!" I LOVE IT! (Ironically, when we got home Christopher Walken was hosting Saturday Night Live, but there was no mention of cowbell that I saw. Oh well.) I've posted a few pictures at Flickr, but I'll post more as I go through them. I took well over 1000 pictures last night (no, that's not a typo).

Omaha Beef Football