Thursday, June 12, 2008


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Gee, if only there was someplace you could get books you wouldn't have to keep, that you could take back so other people could read them, and it'd be cool if they were free, too...hmmm...somebody should invent such a place...and they could call it....A LIBRARY!!!!

Oh, this makes my head hurt.

Book Rental Fail

You know it's a slow news day in Chadron when...

...they're reporting that I'm sleep-deprived and in the closet, eight hours away in Omaha.

Oh well, now the world will know why I'm crabby this week. And I will learn not to say clever things to Genell that make her say "Hey, can I interview you?" ;-)

I really am thankful that I'm nothing worse than sleep-deprived. Other people have suffered damage to their homes or even lost their children in the last few days. I'm sure they're losing more sleep than I am.