Friday, April 01, 2011

Best April Fools suggestion ever

"Voice search to locate nearby kittens will also work on Android devices, and iOS devices with the Google Search App, so try meowing into your phone to find the kittens near you."

Meow Me Now - Official Google Mobile Blog

Imagining people meowing into their phones makes me smile.

Lightsaber Popsicles! Or, "Yesss, delicious Jabba"

Forget the popsicles, I want that jingle as a ringtone!

Oh, wait...ThinkGeek read my mind!

OMG! This is so exciting!

For all my fellow font nerds:

Comic Sans Pro Typeface Family Makes its Debut | Business Wire: "Featuring elements such as speech bubbles and cartoon dingbats, Comic Sans Pro extends the versatility of the original Comic Sans, designed by Vincent Connare for Microsoft in 1994. “Hats off to Monotype Imaging for enlivening Comic Sans and getting it back to its roots as a comic book lettering face. Now everyone can write with more panache – and look even more like a pro using swashes, small caps and other typographic embellishments,” said Connare." [Emphasis mine]

via Boing Boing

P.S. If you didn't click through to Boing Boing...April Fools!