Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Miep Gies Remembered

I was thinking last night about how fourth grade just might kill me. LilGirl has piles of homework every night. It makes nights when we have other activities pretty stressful. We try to keep her bedtime at 8:30, but last night she didn't make it to bed until almost 10:00. Once she was tucked in, I gnashed my teeth, pulled my hair, moped a bit and checked Twitter. One of the first things that caught my eye was a retweet of this:

That sliced right through my "unbearable" evening. I read Miep Gies' book Anne Frank Remembered years and years ago (in high school, maybe?). It was a powerful book for me, maybe more powerful than The Diary of a Young Girl. I remember more of Miep's book than Anne's. It helped me understand just how much was going on in an attempt to keep the Frank family and the others safe. 

One of the biggest things I remember from the book was how scarce food was as the war went on. I remember that Miep mentioned that for years afterward, she felt guilty throwing out moldy bread, and I think of that every time I have to throw out the green remains of a loaf. 

So, yes, fourth grade will mostly likely not kill me. LilGirl and I may just get through it without tearing each other's eyes out. And we've got much less to contend with than others have, even today. Sometimes I just need a little nudge to remember that.

Rest in Peace, Miep. You've earned it.

(Photo via Telegraph.co.uk)