Monday, February 14, 2011

Reading: 80 years of marriage

Great story!

80 years of marriage: "'They all said it wouldn't last.' But Elza and Vivian Moses surprised them all. He is now 102, and she is 97. They have become minor celebrities in central Illinois since September, when they reached an astounding milestone of marital longevity: their 80th wedding anniversary."

Less complaining. More sexy rumpus.

via The Oatmeal
We don't do Valentine's Day very big in our house. It kind of gets a polite nod more than anything. I'm impressed I actually decorated this year (if hanging a single shiny heart wreath counts as decorating). We usually have a little bit nicer dinner than usual, and that's about it (although I was just joking with hubby about having heart-shaped tuna sandwiches tonight). On top of that, I'm home with a sick kid today, which doesn't really amp up any romantic feelings.

Among the feeds I read in Google Reader today, the "I HATE Valentine's Day" variety seem to be outweighing the "I LURVE Valentine's Day" variety. I think there may be a lot of residual junior high disappointment floating around out there. Apparently The Oatmeal noticed, too, and decided to address the situation:

The Oatmeal
Though I agree in general with the entire post, I loved the final point so much I had to put it up at the top of mine (see it up there?). I think it might be a good mantra for life, not just Valentine's Day. :)