Monday, August 21, 2006

My new mantra

I'm still reading Cheryl's blog (I should be doing other things, like writing). I think I've found my new mantra: "When I am old, I will read all those books, but I won't wear purple."

Dreaded rejections

‚“This doesn‚’t fit our present needs, and if it ever does, we‚’ll shoot ourselves.”

I had to laugh when I read this post by Cheryl St. John. She's one of the local authors who encouraged me to join the local RWA chapter. I did, and it's been the best thing I've ever done for my writing.

Right now, I'm just working toward the point where I can GET a rejection. I received my entry back from a contest today. Obviously, I didn't final. I did get some good comments, though. I keep learning, and just plugging away.

Our new houseguest

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This is Missy, who is staying indefnitely. She's also known as Quinn's new toy. I just hope he doesn't pull all her stuffing out...but then, none of the other toys could fight back, and she sure does!