Monday, August 29, 2005

House update

The front of the house (a bit washed out, sorry). But we have siding, the driveway and steps are ready to be poured, and there are shingles on the roof, though not actually attached yet ;o) Posted by Picasa

Pipes and ductwork are going in. Posted by Picasa

The back of the house. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Which Romantic Comedy Heroine Are You?

You're Jenna Rink
(Jennifer Garner - '13 Going on 30')

You are a sparkling, fun dynamo of a person. You
enchant people with your smile, laughter and
ever infectious spunk! You are sweet and always
good-natured. Even the cranky anti-morning
people can't be mean to you.

You're creative and spontanteous. You express
yourself in like mediums, but also keep a
tangible diary.

You feel deeply and believe in fighting for what
you want.
You love music, family, and friends. You keep up
with the trends and often set the fashion

All in all, you're a doll!

Which Romantic Comedy Heroine Are You?
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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Vacation - Day Four

Today we went to the Crazy Horse Memorial and walked and walked and walked. It seemed like we walked forever. There was a lot to see, and we even got to take home pieces of rock blasted from the mountain. Since it's still bike week, of course there was a Crazy Horse-themed bike at the memorial. One picture of that is below.

Tonight we ordered in steak from Steak-Out. I had the "Surf & Turf" (shrimp & steak tips). It was pretty good.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Vacation - Day Three

We went to Sturgis today! It was cool, though without a bike it felt a bit like visiting Disneyland and not riding any of the rides. We went out to Thunder Road and saw the guys from Orange County Choppers. When we got there, Paul Jr. and Mikey were signing autographs. The line looked really really really long (I have no idea where the end was), but most of the people in the line were holding out for Paul Sr., who was supposed to be there in about half an hour. Most of them said if we weren't picky about who we got autographs from, then to go ahead, they were waiting. So we jumped in line and were about 5th in line when Paul Sr. came out. People were screaming and cheering. So we got Paul Sr.'s and Paul Jr.'s autographs (don't know where Mikey went, but he was gone by the time I got to where I could see them again (the line was along the semi trailer they were in, so you couldn't actually see in until you got up there). Here are some of the photos.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Vacation - Day Two

We saw lots of things today and didn't even leave Rapid. This morning we went to Prairie Edge, a store downtown with oodles and oodles of Native American-themed things. I bought two Paul Goble books I've wanted for awhile and a couple postcards. The gallery was full of gorgeous artwork - I'll have to organize my notes and find the artists' websites for a later post.

When we were done there, we went next door to the Firehouse Brewing Co. It's actually in an old firehouse. The French dip was one of the best I've had in awhile. Dan and I each tried one of their beers (can't remember which ones, and I can't find my notes)

After that, we went to Rapid City's Harley-Davidson dealership, where we saw gobs and gobs of Harleys. I even got a shirt to wear to Sturgis tomorrow (if it doesn't rain all day). We left the dealership just before the rain started. After that, we went to the Civic Center and saw MORE Harleys - good thing that was inside, because it poured while were were there. I think Ashley is hooked on Harleys now - we'll realize what a monster we created when she's sixteen, I'm sure.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Vacation - Day One

We drove to Rapid City today, with a few stops along the way. Too tired to write much tonight (must blog earlier in the day!) so I'll just post a picture or two tonight. The top photo is what the road looked like most of the way here - Interstate and motorcycles, motorcycles, motorcyles going both east and west. The second photo is Ashley riding the bucking bronco at Wall Drug. Didn't mean to do the stair-step effect with the photos, but I'm too tired to figure out how to fix it tonight. More tomorrow...