Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Do you remember Chumley?

Hubby has been watching Pawn Stars on Netflix lately and I find the show incredibly interesting and aggravating at the same time - I love learning the historical context of the things people bring in, but I just keep thinking "I would NEVER sell or pawn that if I had it."

One of the guys on the show has the nickname "Chumley," which triggered a memory for me. I'd completely forgotten about Tennessee Tuxedo and his pal Chumley who I used to watch when I was a kid. Wikipedia says the original show was cut up and mixed in with The Underdog Show, and that's probably how I watched it. It's funny how I hadn't thought of those characters in years until "Chumley" wandered onto the screen in Pawn Stars. I found a video from Tenessee Tuxedo to share:

Tennessee Tuxedo - Lamplighters

I love it when these little memories pop up.