Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Skype Hits New Usage Record. So glad I could help.

Talking to a kitten via skype

I'm usually an early adopter, but I drug my feet on Skype. The only real reason I hadn't used it was that we didn't have a webcam or working microphone on any computer in the house and I just never got around to addressing that issue. Since our Thanksgiving trip didn't work out, I was pushed into action at last. Sunday night I finally got all the needed equipment together, signed up for a Skype account and made a test call, which worked perfectly the first try. Yay! Now I'm just waiting to actually use it...

Then I came across this story on Mashable today:

"With an IPO looming, Skype is touting a major new milestone: 25 million concurrent users. The number was reached on Monday for the first time, and the company says it represents a new all-time high"

Glad I could help. :) On some level, I feel like I've finally joined the 21st century.