Thursday, September 27, 2012

There was life before Google??

Google has a cute animated doodle for their 14th birthday today.

On one hand, it's hard to believe Google's only been around 14 years. What did we do before we could just look up anything anytime anywhere? I shudder to think.

At the same time, I often forget that Google is older than my daughter. For her, Google has always been there, like light switches or doorknobs. A few weeks ago we were discussing her Spanish class and I mentioned a time in college when a friend and I sat around trying to figure out what a certain silly English phrase would be in Spanish, and how we only ever got about half way through the phrase. She looked at me with an eyebrow up and said "Why didn't you just Google it?"

"Google didn't exist yet."

Her eyes grew big. "What? I thought it had just always been there."

A minute later she grinned. "I guess I thought when cavemen wanted to find something out they just went over to the cave where the caveman called Google lived and asked him."

She has a sense of humor, that one.