Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crepes for Bastille Day...Yum!

My first crepe!

Today is Bastille Day and GeekMom celebrated by making crepes and posting her recipe on her blog. I read the post and decided that I the Non-Cook (note the capital letters - I mean business) would make crepes for dinner.

Occasionally I get delusions of cooking abilities (especially when I've been reading My Life in France by Julia Child, which I have been lately) and hubby gladly steps aside to let me try my hand (especially on a hot July weeknight).

Later on: These are folded right, but not as browned
(still yummy, though)
Did I mention I've never made crepes before? But I can do pancakes and omelettes, and crepes seem like a cross between the two, so they weren't that different.

They didn't turn out too bad for a first try. I think the best sign was when Hubby and LilGirl both asked for more.

I'll definitely be trying these again. I'm thinking of trying the Nutella and banana ones next time. :)