Thursday, May 26, 2011


I had the day off today. What did I do? Let's see...

  • We started off with LilGirl's graduation from 5th grade. I can't believe she'll be in middle school in the fall!
  • We went out to lunch because, well, graduation!
  • We went to Lowes and bought plants.
  • Then to Menards for more plants and some blocks and dirt for the front flower bed.
  • We swung through Scooters for a little energy boost (mmmm, blended iced coffee!)
  • We built up the flower bed and planted the new plants (geraniums, daisies, a climby plant I can't remember the name of and a yellow rose bush)
  • We loaded the two dead TVs (which have been in the garage forever) into hubby's truck and he took them to Best Buy for recycling.
  • While he was gone, I cleaned the garage to make room for the dead refrigerator.
  • I scrubbed every inch of the dead refrigerator.
  • I called my dad with a stupid question on how to unhook the water supply from the dead refrigerator.
  • I scrubbed all the shelves and drawers from the dead refrigerator.
  • I had a burger from Runza for dinner.
  • More scrubbing...
  • I showered and now I'm going to bed.

It's a good thing I didn't expect my day off to be relaxing because it reaallly wasn't.

Tomorrow I'm going back to work so I can rest a little.