Saturday, January 01, 2011

Little things that improve my life

Often, it's accomplishing little things that make me feel the best about myself and my life. I came across this post at Real Simple yesterday and it's almost as if I wrote the list myself. These are things I aspire to, just as listed, but never do consistently. When I do them, life goes more smoothly and feels better. I've cut the list down to the basics; for details, see the original post. I'll keep working on these in 2011:
Clean Dishes
1. Nightly: change into pajamas an hour before going to bed. [This supports my main resolution of getting enough sleep]
2. Daily: put dirty dishes into the dishwasher immediately after a meal
3. Nightly: make and pack lunches for the next day while making dinner.
4. Daily: shred, recycle, and/or trash junk mail immediately upon entering the house.
5. Daily: hang up your coat immediately upon entering the house.
6. Every Sunday: Plan out meals for the week and create a grocery list.