Sunday, November 07, 2010

Keeping you from embarrassing yourself? There's not an app for that

Artsy Keyboard (due to beer)

From Mashable:

Don't Drink and Facebook: New Plugin Mitigates the Fallout: "The deal is simple, download the plugin [for Firefox] and customize the settings for a variety of social media sites — from Facebook to MySpace toTumblr (for the bloggers among us) to e-mail accounts like Gmail or Hotmail....Set your hours of intoxication, and if you try to sign on to one of those sites during those times, you’ll be asked to pass a test."

Okay, great idea, but...

"This plugin doesn’t work on mobile devices, which means that when one is out and about — Android or iPhone in hand — one’s only protection is one’s own common sense. Good luck with that."

So, it only works if you've made it home before you try to update, or if you stayed home to get drunk in the first place. Um...yeah.