Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Target targets me (and hits the target)

I mentioned to Hubby how disturbing this commercial is (as in, hitting too close to home) because this is how women think when they buy hats, and probably some other items (been there done that).  

Hubby replied that men buying hats think [in his best Hulk voice] "Sun bright. Hat shade."

I find it interesting that most commercials want to get us to think what this woman thinks, while this commercial just shows her thinking it. But then, this latest series of Target ads has been focusing on these odd little moments in life and this kind of fits into that, even though it's a little different form.

The sad thing is, most of the time I buy a hat and then NEVER wear it, because I totally don't wear hats (Don't tell hubby. I just got him to order me a couple hats online. But they're really cute! And they were really really on sale. And if I wear them, I'll have a really great life! Right? Right?)