Thursday, July 08, 2010

New lows of geekiness...but I like it

I spent a good chunk of Monday keeping an eye on the streaming video of's studio revamp as they set up a new lighting grid. Riveting, I know. Yes, I'm kind of pathetic. You can now watch the entire process in the much faster time-lapse version.

If you're not familiar with TWiT (named for This Week in Tech, their original show), they're kind of like CNN For Geeks, complete with live coverage of geeky events. I discovered TWiT just a few months ago, when I had a bout of nostalgia about TechTV and started poking around in Google. I found that TechTV didn't really die, it just changed forms! There was Leo Laporte! There was Patrick Norton! There was John C. Dvorak (gosh, I used to read his PC Magazine column in high school)! And the longer I watch, the more TechTV alums keep showing up. It's geek heaven.

TWiT has a lot of shows, but I think my favorite is This Week in Google - you should check it out.

Maybe I think I need to look into getting one of those things...what do you call them? know....oh yeah, a life!

Nah....I'm off to watch TWiT live!