Friday, December 04, 2009

Friday Fun: So I Married an Axe Murderer

Allow me to go a little, okay, a LOT fangirl here...

Before he was Austin Powers, before he was Shrek, Mike Myers was Charlie Mackenzie. So I Married and Axe Murderer is one of my all-time favorite movies. It's up there with The Princess Bride as one of those movies I love so much I can recite them by heart. Or as some people I know would put it (and you know who you are), it's my Galaxy Quest.

Charlie's a poet, and several of my favorite poems ever (or at least ones I recite a lot, to the annoyance of all around me) are in this movie, especially the one that begins "Harriet! Sweet Harriet! Hard-hearted harbinger of haggis." My absolute favorite poem from the movie is in the opening scene, but you'll have to watch in order to hear it - it's better that way.

Multiple viewings have also given me a sort of Axe Murderer Tourettes Syndrome: I will randomly shout "Head! Pants! Now!" or "Two words: therapy" or any of several other quotes at odd moments just because they popped into my head, and it makes life goood. (Yes, I'm strange. Hadn't you figured that out already?)

So, even though Hulu took away Dr. Horrible, it seems they gave me So I Married an Axe Murderer in return, so life can go on. You can watch it here. Go! Do it now! You won't regret it. (sorry, Hulu wouldn't let me imbed it).