Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yesterday's timesinks

This is what I was doing yesterday, instead of things I should have been doing, like writing blog posts, working on my WIP, cleaning the house, scanning slides/negatives/old photos/family history stuff, reading from the TBR pile...

I watched the Crazy Horse blast. I love that they tweet imminent blasts with a link to their webcam (and then post it on YouTube)...

...And I kept One & Other open in one of my tabs most of the day (It's addicting!)

Knitting on the plinth 2

You can find out more about the One & Other project here. Too bad Kate M didn't explain in her bio why she was knitting with giant needles in a tiara and ballgown, but you can re-watch her hour - maybe she talked about in a moment I missed (after all, I don't watch it constantly, I do try to have a life...sort of).