Thursday, August 06, 2009

Tyler is Trending Topic on Twitter

Some of these are funny! Others are where I expect your thoughts would go, given recent events. RecW Mary: "Did you see where Steven Tyler fell off the stage?" Jim: "Did he land on his lips?"5 minutes ago from web

melarimo I think it's entirely possible that Steven Tyler was feeling no pain. And if he was,there were prob women lined up to offer comfort...4 minutes ago from web
steven421 Almost fainted when i saw "Steven Tyler" as a TT, thought he died, he only fell on stage, i hope he's ok :(3 minutes ago from web
tropicalthought The Tour of Pain continues: Aerosmith's Steven Tyler falls off the stage. This give new meaning to The Tour of Pain.2 minutes ago from web
MisterWhitie Saw "Steven Tyler" as a trend and thought he was the next celebrity to die and I was like "Nooooooooooooo!"3 minutes ago from web
pitawindstar Steven Tyler fell off stage last night I wish I was one of the fans he fell on!! XD minutes ago from web
MLCrom can't help but check everytime a celebrity is a TT on twitter, because she thinks they might have died. Not Steven Tyler!1 minute ago from web
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