Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mary needs to post on her blog

My friend Cheryl St. John tagged me, so here goes...

The rules: You google your name plus the word needs inside quotes like this: "Mary needs" - Enter that in the Google search bar and then list the first fifteen hits that come up.

These are mine:
  1. Mary needs to do this meme. Well, obviously.
  2. Mary needs a little lamb. Groaning, rolling my eyes, etc.
  3. Mary needs sleep. Always, always, always.
  4. Mary needs shadows. If you've seen me, you know the sun and I aren't close friends.
  5. Mary needs numbers. No, no I don't. I run far, far away from numbers.
  6. Mary needs to do this meme, again. This time, Mary Connealy, a fellow member of the writers group Cheryl & I belong to, did the meme.
  7. Mary needs to win. It would be nice to do that once in a while.
  8. Mary needs stuff. Looking around my house, I don't think this is true. Mary needs less stuff!
  9. "Queen" Mary needs saving. From time to time, yes, but you can just call me "Your Majesty." ;-)
  10. "Sexy" Mary needs attention. Who, me?
  11. "Saint" Mary needs overtime. Mixed feelings about overtime, and I'm sure I will NEVER be a saint. I'll settle for queen. Hey, why aren't any of you bowing yet?
  12. Mary needs a booking agent. Don't I need a band first?
  13. Mary needs to be slapped. Wha?!?!?
  14. Mary needs to focus. This probably should have been #1. Oh, and it referred to Saint Mary again. See #11, and how come you're still not bowing?
  15. Mary needs a bit of independence. Who doesn't?