Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Some creepy guy"

Last Wednesday I stepped out of Murphy's Irish Pub in Rapid City, after a few drinks, to wait for my dad to pick me up from my sis-in-law-to-be's bachelorette party. Eight hours of driving followed by three beers and a shot of something yummy but inebriating had taken its toll and I was more than ready for bed.

I was about to head for the corner to wait, but noticed a creepy guy in a long coat standing there, so I decided to stick close to the door I'd come out of. I stood there several minutes, watching people go by, checking my e-mail on my phone ("Addict!" I hear hubby saying), and wishing I was already in bed. I glanced at the creepy guy. He hadn't moved. People came and went. I checked my e-mail again. I checked what time I had called Dad. It had only been about five minutes. I wished again that I was in bed. I glanced at the creepy guy. And finally, I remembered...

Rapid City has statues of presidents on the street corners downtown. The "creepy guy" was Millard Fillmore (I think...I'm not totally sure WHO it is). So, I smacked myself on the head and twittered it. ("Addict!" hubby mutters)