Saturday, August 19, 2006

Life lesson: Read what you want and don't apologize

This is so true. I read what I want to, but it's still hard for me to tell people what I'm reading sometimes. And when they ask what I'm writing and I say "It's a romance," I still wince when I get that look. The wince is a lot smaller, though, since I joined my local Romance Writers of America group. "I'm not the only one!" my soul cries out.

(The boldface is mine in the excerpt below)

Tess Gerritsen’s Blog» Legume Literature: "This is the greatest cruelty of all. It's one committed every day, by every parent who frowns at the child who’s got his nose deep in a Dean Koontz novel. By every bookseller who laughs at the pasty-faced men who linger near the science fiction shelves. By every highbrow twit who says to a friend, “I’d never read that trash.” Every single one of them is killing the soul of a reader.

So here's a new and revolutionary proposal: let people read what they want to read. Let them eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if they want to. Some of them will eat the occasional Brussels sprout and like it. But don'’t make them think they'’re any less virtuous for shunning it.

And for all those who read, my advice is this: never apologize for your books. They are your friends. And like friends, some of them are complex and demanding, while others are easy to spend time with. Listen to the critics if you choose to, but remember that critics tend to praise the books that make them look intelligent."