Sunday, January 08, 2006

WriMo and P&P

Well, I was supposed to do 4,000 words today, to finish playing catch-up. The plan was 2,000 words, go see Pride and Prejudice (finally!) at the theatre, then come home and do 2,000 more words. Yeah...uh, that didn't happen. It started off well, I did 2,014 words before the movie. Then I went to the movie. It was pretty darn good as long as you don't compare it with the 1995 version (nothing beats Colin Firth in a wet shirt) and then my friend and I went to Old Chicago to start our World Beer Tour we've been talking about doing for a year. One (very large) beer, mozzarella sticks and lots of chatting later, I got home and really really really had to squeeze the brain to get the drek I got - 1,208 words. Well, drek is better than a blank page (I need to post that on the wall above my to the P&P poster). But it means catch-up continues tomorrow.

So, on to the totals:
Today: 3,222
This week: 16,037
This month: 16,037